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How to install artificial grass

  1. 1、Ensure the surface you are covering is clean and smooth. You can apply a self-levelling compound which will remove surface imperfections, which is a particularly good idea if the pile of grass you are laying is very low.
  2. 2、Lay the grass onto the now clean and level area you are covering. Allow around 50mm of grass on each side of the area to trim off to ensure a perfect edge. Leave the grass for around two-to-three hours to settle, which will stop it wrinkling or creasing.
  3. 3、Cut and trim your artificial grass, using a sharp Stanley knife, ensuring that you cut the grass neat to the edges of walls.
  4. 4、To make the joins, use a high-quality outdoor tape and glue , following the instructions on the products. If you have a wooden surface, like decking or suspended floor boards, you can use a combination of adhesive and carpet tacks to fix the grass down.
  5. 5、If your grass needs an infill, which you will need if you are laying down Allmay Grass , use a sand mix and apply it on a dry day! Rake and spread the infill evenly, making sure you don't over-fill the surface. The sand will compact, so you may have to add a final layer at the end of your installation.